Tourism and Recreation

Lone Mountain State Forest

Lone Mountain state forest is located a few miles to the south of Wartburg. The forest consists of 3,624 acres and is managed by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Division of Forestry. Lone Mountain itself is a detached ridge-like mountain rising to an elevation of 2,530 feet, spanning much of the stretch of U.S. Route 27 between Harriman and Wartburg. Its isolation makes it one of the 25 most prominent mountains in the state. The state forest has approximately 15 miles of trails, the most popular leads to Coyote Point, an overlook just below the summit on the south slope of the Mountain. The trails were developed in the late 1980's for horseback riding, and are well-equipped with watering holes and hitching posts. The trails are also open to hikers and mountain bikers. The trailhead is located on Clayton Howard Road. For more information on Lone Mountain State Forest visit the following website.